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Zero Security enters testing stages...seeking publisher now

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Zero Secutity, the one hacking game that DOESN'T feel like you're on a Tandy, is now in the late, late stages of testing. I'm still seeking a publisher, which has been frustrating. The few indie publishers that I know of have ignored my emails containing a link to the demo. I usually get replies, so I expect that they don't understand the description and aren't even giving it a chance. It is a fairly bizarre game, but it all makes since if you actually take the time to play it. Anyway, hopefully I won't have to publish it myself and it will be out sometime this month for Mac OSX and Windows. If anyone out there is with an indie publisher and is can certainly email me for the demo at Here are some older screenshots of the game It is a single player game only, and has a unique blend of turn-based and real time strategy in the combat engine, as you line up 'programs' that attack each other in real time, but you take tuns executing them. It's a geek's paradise mixing cyberpunk/hacking/fantasy.

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