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Jump - Looking for SoundDatabase

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Good evening everyboy, i fastly like to introduce myself. My name is Mitch, i am from germany, berlin. Two follow students and I are producing a small 3D Jump'n'Run PC game. This game is based on a 3D alternative which is named SuperMarioWars. Background: The models are constructed with Maya2008 and the gamecode is programmed in XNA 2.0 C#. After the beta of XNA 3.0 we transcribe the game to that new API. We are using some big librarys. There are the Hilva Graphics Engine, the Bepu Physics or the Lidgren Network-Lib for example. For more informations and a small promo video feel free to have a look at: But now to the reason for my post. We like to produce this game as a fre lizenz download. So we have to assure that we will not get in trouble with any publisher couse of right questions. Our main problem is an OpenSoundDatabase. We can't find a big and well performed sound engine for eure audio effects and the background music. So if you have any idea or tip for us, please write a comment on this post or contact me by mail. Best regards, Mitch

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