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wartacs: looking for advice

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Hello everybody! /* you can skip this if you are not interested in introduction */ I am new here so I guess I should introduce myself. My name is wakeup and I am an esports junkie from Germany. I like and have played a lot of computer games, at the moment I play UrbanTerror and Warcraft3:DotA mostly. I learned C as well as Common Lisp by reading (very nice) books, but I am still very new to programming. I program under linux using emacs and GNU tools, I care about portability. I am looking forward to program (olskool 2D) games with allegro (inspired by free lunch design) and I hope this is a good place to get help. Now to the real business :) I am planning on creating a two dimensional, top down team-shooter with a futuristic setting. (Maybe you played Crimson Land, this is what originally inspired me, but Counterstrike 2D comes closer). Also I plan on having players to choose from classes instead of weapons. I want to write in C. You can find everything I wrote related to this here: wartacs mercurial repository I think this is helpful for understanding what I am doing since I did some drawings you can look at. By the way, I am calling it 'wartacs' atm. Now I know that this is a rather big thing for a programming newbie like me, but well I am not in a hurry and dont know where else to start. What I already have: * I can parse map-files (text files) of my own syntax which gets me a linked list of "shapes" (a series of points(x,y-coordiates) plus a character to tell what type of shape it is (for example solid wall, floor, energy-barrier, ...) What comes next: * I planned on starting off with a tool called "wmapt" (wartacs map tool) which can then read a mapfile and output a map (in ascii, image, whatever) for human eyes to look at. * I figured that if a human can connect a sum of points and fill out the resulting shape, a computer can do it too. That's why I have chosen the map-format * next thing I need to do is to create a map-structure out of the parsing results, now I have two questions: - how is a map struct supposed to be? I thought of a string containing the name, and a two dimensional array of "units" each having flags giving info about what they are made of. I am looking for hints here. - second, how do I get a shape onto that map? If I use my aproach of the map struct I would need to check if a coordinate is contained in a shape, and I have no idea on how to do this. This probably sounds strange, please check out the link to my repository I gave you, it will hopefully make things clearer. Anyways feel free to ask questions. Also I have not "locked" onto a game library yet. I am thinking about using allegro and already read some documentation but if you think SDL or whatever could be "better" for me, feel free to tell me why. Edit: Now that I found out how I can insert links/images/etc a little update. sketch image visual explanation: one pixel is a "unit", the light-grey things are "shapes", dark-grey is the floor, the black thing is the size of a player, the white pixel is a projectile.

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