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wxWidgets on Code::Blocks

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I finally set up Code::Blocks correctly. I recently set up SDL and it works fine now, but I'm still having some problems with wxWidgets. Below are my paths: CodeBlocks - C:/Program Files/CodeBlocks MingW Compiler - C:/MinGW SDL - C:/MinGW/additional/sdl wxWidgets - C:/wxWidgets I'm having some trouble setting wxWidgets up. When I go to create a wxWidgets project, it says that I need to provide a path. So I input the path C:/wxWidgets (which contains all the wxWidgets files) and then continue. I get an error saying that the global compiler variable "wx" does not exist and that I need to set it. I don't know how. Then I continue and I need to choose the correct wxWidgets library settings (use DLL, monolithic library, unicode) - I have no idea how to find this. But if I just choose random settings and then continue, then when I try to compile it says that wxCONSTANT_HERE does not exist. I'm assuming that it's not including the correct library files but I'm not completely sure. Can someone help me here?

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