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Levenshtein distance

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Hy. I'm implemented the Levenshtein distance(, an algorithm that return the number of passages to do for a string to another string for reach the equal string. The problem is that these passages are from 0(strings are equals)to infinity. How i create a number that rappresent a value from 0 to 1 from a value from 0 to infinity? thanks

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I work on a reconition of email string on a db , for a smarty mail validator
and finder, i would find all the combination in the Levenshtein distance of a string and try if the combination string is present on a table of db with my personal mails , so if there is a write mistake , the query find the best simil email string and try it.
Naturally i direct the find with other parameters so name , surname ecc.. ad es:

email name surname giuseppe ferrari

int the table giuseppe ferrari

i try all the combination in email and see if a simil mail have a simil name and a simil surname , if the rank of the result is enough i recognize the email.

how modify the Levenshtein distance for send me all the combination?

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