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Texturing a sphere

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Hello, is it possible to change the texture coordinates for gluSphere? I have some textures that I would like to tile the sphere with but no matter what I do it just covers the sphere a single time. Since my sphere is pretty large the texture looks extremely pixillated. I know I could probably manually tile the texture in photoshop or something but I would really like to do it in code so I have the greatest flexibility. Thanks for any help!

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AFAIK, there is no way to affect the texture coordinate generation of the glu primitives. However, there are three simple methods to achieve what you want:

a) Code a replacement for gluSphere.
-It should take less than 30 lines of code, and you can then do whatever you like with it.

b) Manipulate the texture matrix.
- Set the matrix mode to GL_TEXTURE_MATRIX, and then apply a scale with glScale().

c) Use a shader.
-You can modify the texture lookup however you like inside the shader.

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