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AngelScript 2.16.2

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I've released 2.16.2. Most work in this release went towards preparing the library to support registration of template types. A few other improvements were made though. First, the initialization of the global variables have been changed to make sure the primitive values are computed before the objects. This allows class constructors to access primitive global variables without having to worry about which will be initialized first. Another improvement is that the script language is now fully supporting UTF8 encoding. This means that string literals may now include UTF8 encoded characters, and there is also the new escape sequences \uFFFF and \UFFFFFFFF to insert UTF8 encoded unicode points in the string. Note that as this may affect some existing code, there is also a new engine property asEP_SCRIPT_SCANNER for setting whether ASCII or UTF8 should be used. Also, don't forget to check out the bug fixes. Regards, Andreas

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