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StarTree & Friends

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Topic: Character design Story: Junior helps StarTree to look for her home world and two make a ruckus on each planet they visit. Genre: Episodic action/puzzle/dialog cartoony whimsical comedy Characters: StarTree [ jpg ] A kind, silly, passive character with special ability to befriend and reproduce plants. Weapons: fruits and vines. The flytrap is a character that tags along. StarTree does not eat food. It often uses vine board with words to communicate, although it can also speak. The Hanging Bell Flower is another creature that tags along. The flower on StarTree's head is her own flower. It can talk to other flowers. BunnyEars Hat [ jpg ] A wizard hat with bunny ears that originally belong to a Bunny. Once they are attached to the hat, the two Bunny ears formed a siblings (twin) kind of relationship. They could have individual thoughts but they think a like. When they notice something, they tell the wearer (Junior). During a fight, often times the Ears are afraid and would automatically flatten. Junior would need to manually direct them to listen. The hat is tricky because people don't know that when the Hat can listen on its own and tell Junior afterwards, and often times when Junior uses the hat to cover her face, people assume that she is asleep, but she could be listening to the rooms behind walls. The Hat is the real reason why StarTree got accustomed to using the vine board. Especially when she does not want to be noisy while Junior is in combat mode and the Ears are in alert mode.

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