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packet sender

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Can i request a code for this? VB2008? thank you. Heres what im planning to do A Program, with a Button. When I click this button it will [B]SEND[/B] the buy pots packet to the server through the client. Thats all i will need, i'll be the one to continue w/ the other codes. thanks :handsdown: [IMG][/IMG] anyways, this is what i use to do. i open WPE, attach it to the process called KhanClient.exe then i capture packets when buying, then i resend it anywhere, so i can buy items even w/o going to the NPC's. [IMG][/IMG] [B] Im CAPTURING buy packet[/B] [IMG][/IMG] [B]Now I resend Packet[/B] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] the packet to be send, 0F 00 01 FA 2D AE A4 31 06 79 9F 31 87 AC 2F and how to send multiple packets w/ one click of the button.. thanks.. this is what im trying to do, but im requesting for the simple code, ill be the one to continue for this, i just need an example.. thanks alot.. [IMG][/IMG]

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