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I just don't have the grasp with TinyXML

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If someone could show me how to access this data, it would be great. I've followed the tutorials but can't get anything to load from the files in C++:
          <title="Some Program">

I gave up after trying to get something after 3 hours. I'm just so clueless now. Thanks. :]

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Hi, here some code you might find helpfull

TiXmlDocument xmldoc ("myxmlfile.xml");
if (xmldoc.Error()) return false; // Errors be here

TiXmlAttribute *att = xmldoc.RootElement()->FirstAttribute();

while (att)
std::cout << att->Value() <<std::end;
att = att->Next();

TiXmlElement* child = xmldoc.RootElement()->FirstChildElement();

while (child)
std::cout << child->Value() <<std::endl; //the name of the tag
child = child->NextSiblingElement();

You can iterate every TiXmlElement to get it's sub elements and attributes. If you're not comfortable with the notion of recursion you might want to read about it. Try googling recursive programming in c++ or something of that sort.

Good Luck!

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