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C++ need help! functions

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hi guys trying to re-write one of my current games so that the code is easier to read and easier to modify but i am stuck.

#include <iostream>

int choice;
double combat_options();
int hit_chance;
double monster_health = 50;
double player_damage_crushing = 15;
double combat();

int main()
	using namespace std;
	cout << " hello and welcome to player vs monster ";
	cout << " You are a warrior and suddenly a monster jumps out and attacks you! ";

	return 0;

double combat_options()
	using namespace std;
	cout << " what do you do? \n"
		<< " 1) crushing blow ";
	return choice;


double combat()
	using namespace std;
	if (hit_chance % 100 < 75)
		cout << " you have succesfully hit the monster for crushing blow";
		monster_health -= player_damage_crushing;
		cout << "Monsters health :" << monster_health;
		cout << " you have missed the monster... ";

	return monster_health;


please help me :D can someone show me how to incorporate a do{ } while() loop so that it repeats combat options untill monster or player is dead?

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the syntax goes like so:

do { <things-to-do> } while (cond);

with cond being the condition, which is of type "int", so it can be read as code]do { <things-to-do> } while (0 != (cond));[/code]

(in C and C++, this is the same for all conditions).

Note that the <things-to-do> are executed once before the condition is tested. Note that the other form is

while (cond) { <things-to-do> }

Here, the condition is always tested first, and only after cond!=0 or cond==true, the <things-to-do> are executed.

In other words, in the while(){} form (called a "pre-test loop"*), the body is executed at least 0 times, in the do{}while() form (called a "post-test loop"*), the body is executed at least 1 time.

*: Anecdote: In german, we say "head controlled loop" ("kopfgesteuerte Schleife") and "foot controlled loop" ("fußgesteuerte Schleife")

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