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VMR9 Rendering to a texture in VISTA

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I have my own test application for VMR9 Allocator which has its own rendering loop for rendering quads with textures. The texture is set from my allocator presenter. I have seen people talk about mixing mode which will force vmr9 not use another render target so that the rendering can be smooth enough.
    CComPtr<IVMRMixerControl9> pMix;
    DWORD dwPrefs=0;
    FAIL_RET(mVMR9->QueryInterface(IID_IVMRMixerControl9, (void**)&pMix));
    if (SUCCEEDED(pMix->GetMixingPrefs(&dwPrefs))) {
	dwPrefs &= ~MixerPref9_RenderTargetMask;
	dwPrefs |= MixerPref9_RenderTargetYUV;		
	hr = pMix->SetMixingPrefs(dwPrefs);

Everything is fine in windows xp. But in vista, the application behaviors in a strange way. For example, I play 3 movies (in 3 seperate graph). The first two movies stay black until the third one start to play. I also saw some people talked about black screen problem in vista.They simplely turn off YUV mixing mode. But in my case, I cant turn off mixing mode, I must have 1 render target all the time, otherwise the rendering will be very jittery. Is there any solution for it?? Thank you. -------------------- [Edited by - chiyuwang on June 10, 2009 4:43:00 AM]

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