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VS2005 Output Setting

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I am working in a solution that has three projects in it. The one project is making a .lib that I will be using for the other two. I went to the properties window and then the General information. For "Output Directory" I put two folders, seperated by a comma. However, it says "can not find file", even though both directories are real. How can I have it so that when I build my project, it outputs the contents into two different folders?

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I don't think you can provide a comma separated list in this field.

If what you want is just use the lib in the other two projects it should be easier to simply output the .lib to one folder and tell the other two projects in the linker settings where to find the .lib.

With both projects that make use of the .lib right click on the project and select
Project Properties / Linker / General / Additional Library Directories
Then add the directory where the .lib was output to.

In the same dialog under .. Linker / Input
add the name of the .lib file under Additional Dependencies (space separated list, so the line could look like this: a.lib b.lib
if you need to reference more than one library.

VS also allows you to define project dependencies which (I think) should automatically manage the above mentioned steps for you. If you opt to do that right click on the projects which need the .lib and select
Project Properties / Common / References
Click Add New Reference... and select the project which outputs the .lib.

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