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Super Orbulite World just released (freeware 2D platformer)

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Just released last night, this is actually my first major completed C++ game. Link: http://www.seedsoftime.net/sow/ This is a 2D platformer based on an old game of mine called Seeds of Time Online. I started it mostly as a little gift to my fans, and also for learning and experience, but it's matured into a fairly unique project. Features: - RPG elements: level-up system, stat system. Similar to what I was hoping Super Paper Mario would have been (platformer with RPG elements rather than the other way around)... - custom level engine (download levels at the official website, or upload your own) - power-ups hidden in each stage, can you find them all? - 6 levels and 3 bosses, but with enough a challenge to keep you playing for a while (or so I'm told). Just like the old days. Known issues: - various bugs, see known bugs.txt (particularly a bug in which you'll sometimes come to a complete stop when you land from a horizontal jump) - programmer art - programmer music - memory leaks Screenshots: [Edited by - josh1billion on June 11, 2009 1:39:26 PM]

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I have. As a programmer Kudos to you finishing it. With everything that is in the game, you did very well. The graphics are very programmerish. ^^ Not all of it is bad. But some of them are very "meh"ish; for instance the two trainers at the beginning. The music is... empty. The gameplay is very good. I enjoyed the design of the levels and some parts were very challenging. I could tell that pokemon was an influence here. :p

So I'll try and whip out a score. Note I could not finish the game at this time. I got far but I'll tell you my full experience when I beat it.

Gameplay: Very good. 8/10
Graphics: Programmer art. Not bad at times though. 5/10
Music: Empty, but there. 2/10
Design: Excellent. I can see the effort you put into this! 10/10
Overall: 25/40 = ( 6.5/10 + officially first game ) = 7.5/10!

Note my rating really means nothing. Take it as you will. ^^
I'll beat it and then tell you about it from there. :]

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GameDev is messing my posts up [flaming]. It's making me mad. Maybe it's cause they're too long. I'm going to post this, edit it piece by piece, and hopefully it works. Ok, here goes...


Ok cool, at least I got that first part down. My second post was an attempt to repost my original post. I got your game to crash and got a fairly large dump, which I tried to put into the post in [source][/source] tags. But I think the post may have been too long for GameDev to handle cause it kept crapping out on me. Anyway, I've moved the dump to pastbin. Below is the text that should have been in my original post.

Hey good game! I just downloaded and played it. Here are my thoughts and comments:

Powerups: These are pretty cool and nifty. I never made it past the second level (I never was that good at Mario or other platformers), so the only one I got was the Dark one on the first level. I had no idea what becoming an Orbudark meant, so I was a little confused until the sign on the second level that tells you about the powers. Maybe you can copy that sign to the first level where you get the Dark power-up so that you know what just happened?

Controls: These were pretty easy to get used to. Nice and simple. At first I was a little confused because I tried to use my mouse to select New Game, and when that didn't work I experimented and tried the arrow keys. I think most people could figure that out pretty easily and quickly, but it might be nice to stick something in there to let the user know they have to use the arrow keys and the Enter button.

Bad Guys: I never made it past the second level so I don't know if there are other bad guys, but I did get some playtime with the penguins and boots. Are the boots supposed to hurt you when you're jumping on top of them and then they do their own jump? It made it kind of difficult to kill them without getting too hurt, because they'd always jump while I was jumping on them, and while I would kill them, they'd always damage me. But I guess that might be one of the challenges of fighting them, so maybe it's a good thing. I dunno. Either way, battling was pretty straightforward and easy to get a hold of.

Heads Up Display: The HUD seemed a little crowded at times, but it wasn't bad. It was nice having the enemy's health come up when I started attacking them.

Crash: The first few times I played it everything was working flawlessly. I think the third time I launched the program I got it to crash as I was exiting the game. I chose to debug it with MSVC 2008, and it gave me this assembly. When I chose to debug it, it took me to the line that I've marked with //*****RIGHT HERE****** (line 356).

Overall I'd say it was a good game. It could probably use a graphics artist and a musician, but I know what it's like to have to make due with some programmer art. Congrats! I'd love to see this really polished up, it's fun :)

Oh, and is there a way to pause the game or save it? That would've been nice. And an Easy mode, 'cause I suck. Basically just more lives on easy mode. Jumping across the first part on the second level was hard haha.

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