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problem about D3DXCreateEffectFromFile

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shultays    187
I have some problems about shaders. when I use this D3DXCreateEffectFromFile( D3DDevice, "Ambient.fx", NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, &AmbientEffect, NULL); It sets AmbientEffect to NULL and after that it gives exception when it tries to use AmbientEffect. Why is this hapenning? I am using this example .exe file works fine but I can't compile and run the source file. In one forum people says try to compile .fx file using fxc.exe (in directx sdk utilities folder) but it works fine. I could manage to use the assembly output of fxc.exe in a ps file and it worked fine. I am using visual studio 2008. All another directx examples works fine.Maybe I should configure something in visual studio in order to use HLSL? I copied bin and include directories of directx sdk but nothing else.

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KOzymandias    132
First thing to notice in the example code is that there is no result check. Something like
HRESULT hres = D3DXCreateEffectFromFile( D3DDevice, "Ambient.fx", NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, &AmbientEffect, NULL );
if(FAILED(hres)) do_something_about_it();

That would tell you the result is E_NOTIMPL. Googling "D3DXCreateEffectFromFile E_NOTIMPL" would bring you back in time, in this forum.

So you can enable backward compatibility, or (what I've done) modify the fx file to compile your ps using ps_2_0 version. Then it works fine.

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