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I am new to game development, can you give me some suggestions?

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canfeng    100
I am new to game development, can you give me some suggestions? I use C++(VS2008) I am a programmer for client. could you suggest some books for me , I am a beginner.

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I'm still a new-ish programmer myself (compared to some of these other gentlemen), but I can say this:

1) It's better to make 3 small games that you actually finish, then 1 large game that you never complete. Finish what you start. The final 10% of the game, takes 50% of the work; don't drop the project when you hit that final bit.

2) If you are really really new, don't worry about doing things 'right', just worry about getting your projects done. If/when you have been programming for over a year, then start to worry if you are doing things correctly or sloppily.

3) While writing pieces of code that are hard to read can be fun; it's actually poor work. Hard to read code comes from poor programmers. Make your code as easy to read as possible, even if nobody but you will ever see it. If this means commenting your code, then comment it.

4) Find people that you can show your work to, even if they don't understand how it works, to help encourage you by their kind words.

5) Post your code when your projects are finished, and ask for criticism. Don't be hurt by the hundreds of things people will tell you you are doing wrong, just learn what you can from their suggestions, and start your next project.

6) Keep a list (like in notepad) of things you need to do on your project. Each time you finish one of those things, move it to a different list, so you can see your 'completed' features grow as the project goes on.

7) Whenever you have difficulty; try searching GameDev's archives first, search Google second, then try posting on Don't ask for help, when the answer is two seconds away by a quick search. But if you can't find it by searching, then don't hesitate to post.

8) Never leave your project unworked on, for longer than 24 hours, if the code isn't compilable. Your code must always be able compile, before you take an extended break. Keep backups of your code, each day, and if you must take an extended break, roll your code back to a compilable version before that break.

9) (this is somewhat in contradiction to #1) Failure is an option, when you are learning from your failures. If you bite off more than you can chew, sometimes the best option is the scrap the project. You cannot let this become a habit. Finish your projects whenever and however possible; but some times, you need to cancel them.

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lonewolff    1182
All I can suggest is start basic with console apps and set targets with small applications and move on from there.

Good luck. The road is certainly paved with people who have given up so stick at it ;)

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