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Pause full screen application

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Hi all, If any fullScreen application is running i want to pause/minimize it and open my fullscreen application.After that i want to restore again the initial application. C++ code will be appreciable. Thanks, Gerald.

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Well in my custom C++ game API, all you gotz to do is this:

//Somewherez in code
Game.setMode ( Game::GOD_MODE )

and everything is *fabulous*.

Joking aside, you have to tell us what API or engine you are using or what platform you are making this on. We don't have mind powers.

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I think i should be more clear with my question

I have an Console application(Say A.exe) built in VC++,the job of this application is to find any game is currently running in my pc.
If game is running the A.exe will call another exe say (B.exe).

The problem is "B.exe" should open in full screen mode and the game that was running previously should be paused/minimized.

I tried the following code which is in "A.exe" calls the "B.exe"

DWORD spi_time;
SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETFOREGROUNDLOCKTIMEOUT, 0, &spi_time, 0);

STARTUPINFO info={sizeof(info)};
info.wShowWindow = SW_SHOW;

if (CreateProcess(NULL, "B.exe", NULL, NULL, TRUE, 0, NULL, NULL, &info, &processInfo))
HWND hWnd = FindWindowA(NULL, "Quiz Application" ); //Window name of "B.exe"

::WaitForSingleObject(processInfo.hProcess, INFINITE);

The above code opens the "B.exe" but not able to focus as the first visible application (ie) B.exe is not spawn over the game which is running.

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