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AI Steering Tutorial

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In an effort to give something back to the forum, I've created a bit of a tutorial on how to control an AI's steering. This is nothing revolutionary, but I had a tough time making it work, so I figured maybe others could benefit from my experience. The problem I had is trying to create an AI for a guided missile. I couldn't figure out how to get the missile to turn to face the target. I had the math for turning, but I didn't have the math to figure out how much steering force to apply at any particular time to make it so the missile would turn exactly to the target, without stopping too soon or turning too far. Over the years I had some "good enough" solutions in place, that either wiggled a bit or turned a bit slower then optimal or whatever. Now I have something that looks actually correct. This tutorial assumes you already have a physics engine in place, you're generally comfortable with the equations of motion, and you don't mind a little math. I hope someone out there finds it useful: Comments and discussion are welcome. The clock is now ticking to see how long it will take someone to point out that there's a MUCH easier solution and I'm a dunce for going about it the hard way...

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