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Alexandre Salvatore

[PSP homebrew] RedHoody 2, Alpha 1.0

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Hi! My Name is Alexandre Salvatore, I am a french student in Interactive Design and also a true 2D retro video games. This is in this way I produced Redhoody 2, a PSP homebrew game where you can Jolt your PSP for real! The game is in production and should be finish in September/October, but there is a demonstration version available online. I actually post it on the GameDev.net to share my creation and get advices of professionnals. To use the game just place the following folder in the Game directory of your memory stick. This Game has been test on the Custom firmware 3.90 M33 **About the Game** RedHoody was left for dead after his final fight against the Big Bad Wolf. Racoons stole his heart and replaced it by a robotic heart. But RedHoody is not dead and its makes sense than his barely indestructible heart will back! She will need to jolt his body to keep running his fake heart and stay in condition (of course, this game is a total parody of Crank II High Voltage). This demonstration is an Alpha version, just to show the concept. There just one screen and no scrolling, but it s enough to play. The game using the Euphoria LUA Player V.2 ( big thank for the V.4 which will allow me to make scrolling!). I am also French so do not hesitate to notice me my awful fault of English. Alessandro **How to** Press X to fire Plug you PSP s battery cable to reload your voltage in case of emergency Try to take the more bonuses you can, hoping than your life or your jolt lines don t touch the zero! **Bugs** -Many bug of collision ^^ -Some time the game crash **For the next versions** -There will be a complete level -Work on the collision (especially for the bonus) -Bloody animations -An interactive introduction -A boss **You can also download the game here** redhoodyII_alpha_1.0.rar **Seen on** pspgen.com (France) dcemu.co.uk (United Kingdom) blogs.yahoo.co.jp (Japan) If you want to put a news on my video game please JUST put my real name (alexandre salvatore) and my web site (indexed.free.fr) Thanks, Alexandre. [Edited by - Alexandre Salvatore on June 19, 2009 4:57:57 AM]

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