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Skinning Problem

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hi All, I have loaded the Skinning information from a Collada file. i am doing the proper transformation etc, and when my skin is bound to the skeleton. its like 3 times bigger then the skeleton. what could be the possible cause? i am also normalizing the weights. if i draw the Model in bind pose its the same like the skeleton.. the same size. but when i bind it to the skeleton. it gets bigger... also when i apply animations to the skeleton the skeleton also gets bigger... any ideas.. The following is the skinning calculations that i am doing
The skinning calculation for each vertex v in a bind shape is
for i to n
    v += {[(v * BSM) * IBMi * JMi] * JW}

• n: The number of joints that influence vertex v
• BSM: Bind-shape matrix
• IBMi: Inverse bind-pose matrix of joint i
• JMi: Transformation matrix of joint i
• JW: Weight of the influence of joint i on vertex v
Although the question looks really vague but hopefully there is something common that i am doing wrong here.. Thanks in advance for any replies..

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Ok i have found the cause...

I was adding the Non-Transformed Vertex with the Transformed-Skinned vertex..

But my Skeleton problem still exists...

When i apply the keyframe data to the skin it gets bigger.. although it animates properly..

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