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Game Development Think Tank

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Hi, my name is Nick Rodriguez. I'm looking to put together a think tank of passionate game developers of all different fields. As a group, we would design, develop, and sell video games and video game technology for various platforms. My goal is to bring a group of self-motivated developers together to produce great products that we as well as gamers would love to play. I do have some ideas for beginning projects, but I would like to make any initial concept decisions as a team. I am an experienced programmer in C++ and C#. I have experience with DirectX, SDL, TGE, and XNA. I'm also a talented concept artist and 3D modeler. I have knowledge of Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Lightwave3D. I do have experience with designing and developing 2D game engines as well as game development tools. Though I am passionate about both art and programming, my main love is the design of fun and exciting games. At this time, here are the positions I'm looking for to join the think tank: Concept Artist - experience with Photoshop/Painter, strong foundation in the traditional arts (figure drawing, landscape painting, and illustration) Programmer - knowledge of C++, experience with an API (preferably DirectX/OpenGL), understanding of game programming logic Music Composer - experience with a musical instrument, ability to write original compositions and to create music for various moods or genres Sound Engineer - ability to create realistic sound effects Game Designer - experience with designing games, strong creativity, understanding of the game design process, basic understanding of programming and art fundamentals 3D Artist - fluent in 3DS Max, Maya, or Lightwave3D, knowledge of photoshop, ability to model, texture, or animate high-poly models, ability to translate concepts or reference materials into 3D game content, knowledge of Zbrush or Mudbox is a plus 2D Artist - knowledge of Photoshop or other powerful raster-based application, ability to create realistic pixel art, ability to create sprites, tiles, backgrounds, or textures for 2D or 3D games Web Developer - proficiency in XHTML, CSS, and maybe javascript, knowledge of web design fundamentals, ability to produce mock-ups and write HTML/javascript/CSS from scratch If you're interested in joining the team or have questions, please leave comments or email me at

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