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Programming RTS AIs for Starcraft in C++

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Hello, while this post is not on any particular AI concept or algorithm, I'm posting this because I think it will be of interest to AI programmers. I and several other programmers have been developing a free, new, open source C++ API for Starcraft: Broodwar called BWAPI which enables AI programmers like yourselves to write custom RTS AIs for Starcraft using C++. The layer of abstraction of the framework is equivalent to that of the Starcraft GUI - all the pathfinding, finite state machines for building structures, and mining minerals, attacking, etc. are all handled by the Starcraft game itself - ordering a unit to attack an enemy unit is as simple as calling the rightClick member function of the Unit interface on the desired unit. This means you can focus on more complex higher level AI algorithms for micromanagement, planning, and strategies for attacking, defending, harassment, scouting, and more. If this sounds interesting, head over to and check out the API manual, which will give you a link to a "Hello World" example AI module to show how you can get started writing your own AIs for Starcraft in C++ using BWAPI. [Edited by - lowerlogic on June 20, 2009 12:01:55 AM]

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