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collisions with ROAM

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deftware    1778
Ok, so I'm working on a terrain-rendering system, and I've opted to divide the terrain into 'patches' and optimize each patch like a ROAM patch at startup, the deal is that the meshes are static and I just brute-force render them, which is working out nicely. So it's more of a Static-Optimally-Adapted-Mesh, because I'm only using ROAM-esque triangulation to get rid of smaller polys in large flat areas. The problem is that I have the original heightmap data, and now this optimally approximated rendering of that heightmap data, and I am trying to figure out how to go about properly colliding entities with the graphical representation, as opposed to the less-applicable original heightmap data where there may be ditches and bumps that are removed in the final rendered mesh of the terrain. So, my first idea was to re-establish the heightmap data, by doing a sort of old-school VGA-graphics style rasterization of the ROAM mesh height-data back into the heightmap, where i interpolate the inner grid points along the slope of the resultant triangles that make up the rendering mesh, so that they are now representing the rendered mesh. That worked better, but there are still moments of inaccuracy that are unacceptable, probably because of the nature of a regular grid vs. a ROAM-style triangulated mesh. Any ideas ? Anyone??? Anywhere? Thanks! -Charlie

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