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game scripting

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Greetings, I have a few questions regarding scripting. I hope someone here can answer them for me. Which position on a game development team is heaviest on (game content) scripting? What would be the best way to gain practical experience with (game content) scripting? Just start modding away with a random mod team?

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I'm not really sure which position is heaviest when scripting, however if I had to choose I would pick AI. Not just because it's "hard" but because it can be time consuming depending on what you're doing.

Yes, join a mod team for experience. There are a lot of mods out there which you can work with.

I suggest going to the site below to find teams and more information.

Best of luck!

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You don't have to only be with a team to mod games though (which I agree, is a good way to get into scripting). There are loads of sites with tutorials on numerous game engines showing how to script in their respective games.

Amazingly, most of the games you can use to heavily mod are some of the cheapest games you can find. I'd suggest one of the following depending on your hardware configuration:

Doom 3
Unreal Tournament 3
Half-Life 2 (and all episodes)

I bought Unreal Tournament 3 for $20 awhile ago so if you can find it it'll probably be around that. Crysis I believe is around $30 as is some version of Half-Life 2. Doom 3 and Farcry you can probably find for even cheaper but will probably need to get from Ebay considering most stores probably don't have copies for sale.

Some great mod development communities are: (Doom 3) (Half-Life 2)
Unreal Tournament 3 Forums (Ultimate mod listing and mod project website)

Crysis/Farcry communities and developer communities for the other games can easily be found with a quick Google search.

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