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twoaterisn    190
Hello, I would like to develop a windows application with menu's, buttons, textures, etc. I need to display 2D graphics, but nothing fancy, it's not a game... Is MFC the way to go or are there better solutions? Thx, Thomas.

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MJP    19755
MFC is generally considered old and busted. It's been almost completely superseded by the WinForms functionality in the .NET Framework.

If you really want to stick with native C++, then there's also wxWidgets and Qt. I haven't used them myself, but many people here use it and have very good things to say about them.

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Sphet    631

Asking this question is like the opengl v directX discussions - there is no really 'right' answer.

However, some leading questions:

If you are hoping to ever support platforms other than windows, MFC is NOT an option. WxWidgets might be better, or QT.

Assuming windows only, which I'm guessing from your original post,

Is C++ a requirement? If not, I would use C#. The Winforms API and C# in general make it easier to write GUIs.

If C++ is a requirement, MFC is at least better than Win32 (IMHO). However, you can still use WxWidgets or QT, or another third-part cross platform UI API.

However, using MFC is not the end of the world - some people really don't like it, others do - in the end it is a set of classes that sit on top of the Win32 API.

You'll have to try a couple of things and see what you like.


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