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Looking for partnership opportunities

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Hello, I have gone through the list of sub-forums and this section seemed to be the best post this. I am one of the owners of a business, mainly focused on building websites with informational content and directories / indexes. Since the day we started this business, we have managed to reach an audience of 500k+ unique visitors per day as of today. We wish to get more income out of that big number of visitors. I am looking for opportunities / partnerships to benefit more from this base of visitors. I have been searching over the internet, contacting some people / project owners but sadly, I could not have any progress at all. What I have on my mind is, "we bring the visitors, you have a product, we and you utilize the product, we and you share the profit" kind of partnerships. It could be something like the following; A: Canditate A has coded a player-vs-player Chess game and she is willing to take care of the hosting issues, keeping the software / application running. We offer a brand-new domain name and point it to whatever IP Candidate A provides. We do the advertisement of this domain, Canditate A makes sure the website is always up and working as intended. We do not get access to any code, any whatever. So, source code is not shared at all. Canditate A will remain free to apply the same partnership model with other businesses. B: Canditate B is almost like Canditate A but does not want to share the advertisement revenue and asks for quick cash. We are OK with this too, as long as Canditate B takes care of the hosting / smooth running of application issues. The main point here is, we wish to partner with people to who we can delegate the technical issues in this model. We wish to be concentrated on the advertisement and marketing. It may be not likely to find people who would have a product which fits this model in this forums, I am aware of that, so I'll end this post with this: 1. If you have a product or service (software, social networking infrastructure, dating, whitelabel product etc.) which could work under this model, please send me a PM (personal message) and we'll keep in touch. 2. Could you help me find partners? I tried to use search keywords like "whitelabel", "hosted", "hosted gaming solutions" (wanted to see if someone has for example a chess game, so (s)he could host it and we could promote a domain name for that). I would really appreciate if someone could suggest any keywords or names of concepts which could help me out in my search. Thank you for taking the time to read through all this.

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