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Animation controller

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Assume that I have had the Mesh loaded correctly What functions do I need to call when I'd like to have animation as following:
  D3DXTRACK_DESC track1;

  track1.Weight	= 1.0f;
  track1.Enable	= TRUE;
  track1.Flags	= 0;
  track1.Speed	= 0.1f;
  track1.AnimTime = 5.0f;
  g_AnimControl->SetTrackDesc(1, &track1);

  ID3DXAnimationSet* loiter = 0;
  g_AnimControl->GetAnimationSet(1, &loiter);
  g_AnimControl->SetTrackAnimationSet(1, loiter);
I knew that before but now my memory just got washed away. using older version of dx9 :P Thanks in advance Jack

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