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unable to save temporary file for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 edition

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Hi, Thank you Mike Tuscular for my last mail about linking message on Dev-Cpp. As suggested this problem has been solve when I using Microsoft Visual C++ as suggested by Mike. Thank you Mike Tascular. Now, I have another problem when exploring compilation of Microsoft Visual C++. I would like to same the temporary file during compilation in my document folders or other data folders. The command I use is: C++ prog.cpp -save-temps-c in " Visual Studio 2008 command prompt " , C:\Program files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\vc\bin\ . However, the command is not recognise by Ms Visual C++. My purpose is to gain excess to temporary files during compilation, such as prog.ii , prog.s and prog.o using text editor , such as notepad. My program is as follows : #include <iostream> using namespace std ; int main() { cout << "This is a simple test program" << endl ; system("pause"); return 0 ; } The above program is able to compile and run well. Please help me. I am in the process to learn up C++. Thank you very much. your effort is greatly appreciated. Best Regards, KF ( Kean Fatt )

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