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heey all, i have no idea where to post this and since it's my first "game" i post it here. it is a combination of astroids and space invaders in a arena type. download: the idea is that one player controlls the "ship" and tries to destroy the "astroid". But the other player(on the same computer) is the astroids, that tries to ram the ship. controls: ship: w up a left s down d right space fire astroid: up increase speed up left increase speed to left down increase speed down right increase speed right general: f show average framerate per second z show astroid speed p start/stop printing fps it looks weird and it looks like it can't be fun, but i and a friend have had over 2 hours of fun with it. yes i know it is very large, and the models can be REALLY smaller, but it was a quick export from a 3d object to a 2d object. the reason the colors look so weird is the following: it was to look if the polygons where rendered correctly, but it looked a kind of fun so i left it that way. i have included the source. If you want to use if to learn from it: be my guest! any suggestions to improve are welcome. it uses openGL and glut so a mac or linux user can simply recompile and run the game. please comment, any constructive suggestions are welcome!! assainator

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