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rpg, with lots of fighting monsters!

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Typical RPG beginning: You start out in a village. Depending on your race NPCs are either friendly or evil. You do the usual kind of simple quests, kill some rats etc., to get familiar with the game mechanics. So, then when you've leveled up enough, you start your journey. You can't leave earlier, because if your lvl is too low, you probably won't survive walking on the road to the next bigger town. Once in town, your first task is to find a trainer that will help you learn a profession. (This is a kind of different setup than choosing your profession at the beginning of the game. Maybe you can try different professions and take the one you like best.) So depending on the profession you choose, you may get different quests. Once you complete these quests, you'll probably get some kind of medal symbolizing your achievement, and off you go into the wilderness surrounding the towns. Your basic job is to find&kill dangerous monsters, or to sneak into the lair of some boss monster and steal a valuable artifact. You can group up with other players or travel on your own. They should both be options where you get approximately the same amount of xp/rewards. Say there's several empires at war with each other, and then there's the danger of nature and places where noone can go. By doing quests for one empire, you earn respect with that empire, but you can't do quests for the other empire. Weapons&armor are important. You can level and get stronger, but the armor&weapons is the primary source of strength. Really powerful weapons should be very rare and mysterious. But just because you have the best weapon in the game, shouldn't mean you can take on 5 or more of other players at the same level. The different empires could stand for different attitudes. Like, one empire is more easy-going, and the other more harsh. Other than fighting monsters, you can also harvest minerals and other rare materials and the empires would compete over those resources. The more war-like empire would harvest more resources, but would also have to fight more monsters, while the easy-going empire would try to live in harmony with nature. There could be a special messenger class, that transports light objects from place A to place B. If an empire is at war with monsters, they may attack a village & you have to defend it. Or they abduct someone and you have to rescue them. Say, there's a princess that got abducted. The first part of your quest is to find out who abducted her. You would go from town to town asking people if they knew where she is. Then finally somebody knew. However, you go where they say they took her, and you find out that you cannot defeat the monsters there on your own. So you look for other people to join your quest. Finally, you all rescue the princess and get rewarded. Or say, there's a village in the middle of nowhere. The villagers themselves do not get attacked, but their supplies seem to always mysteriously disappear. You are in charge to find out what is going on. You find suspicious footsteps in the snow and you follow them. They lead you to a cave. Nobody can really defeat the strongest monsters, but they would only attack when provoked. Mostly they would just send their minions. What do you think?

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This is more of a template than a game idea.
Not to be harsh but your tag line kind of said it all. Very typical game. The good and evil aspect reminds me of the original Elder Scrolls (though in that it asked you questions to determine which path you took).

This needs a lot of fleshing out. Funny thing is, my friends and I just had a discussion about the typical start of RPGs and fantasy movies/books (nobody kid starts in some noname town and then becomes a hero).
It isn't a bad thing, its a working formula which is why its used so much. But if you don't do something spectacular to break this formula then you need to have a damned good concept that follows after it. Just going out and fighting monsters is not a storyline.

Some hints without writing the whole thing fro you would be this:
Traditional Formula with some real story:

Evil : "You were given to the Dark Ones at birth, just like the rest of the Bloodeye Warlocks. Your mind and body twisted by the touch of the most beautiful and most foul. As a teen nearing adulthood you were bled neardeath and left in thrown into the pit in the center of your underground village. Now, prove you are an adult and a truly worth the Dark Ones' power..."
And let game play begin...

Good : "You have always been a bit of a clumsy boy/girl. It seemeed worse when you made a mistake because it was as if the entire village heard about it and you would catch them smirking, as if they wanted you to fail. But when you would get angry, they would shrink back in fear, even the adults. It wasn't until you were about to reach adulthood that you realized why. When the woman in the glowing white robes came to talk to you and tell you that you were special, that the other villagers feared you for your great power and were only happy at your failings because it made them feel as though you were normal, one of them. But now you are to prove that you are not a simple villager. Now you must make your way to the White Halls to join the Pure."
And let the game begin...

Neutral : "You've never known a village, never really had a family or a place to call your own. But you've also never really had enough time to worry about such comforts or to miss them. Since you typically steal what you need to survive, from the Irks, from the Humans...whoever is stupid enough to leave their goods open to you, you generally are on the move. Isn't it ironic that now, on the cruxt of adulthood, you should get in the worse trouble of your life from someone giving you something instead of you stealing it. You know the old man in the robes was trouble, but these "Stones of Balance" he shoved into your hands are more trouble. Now you are truly on the run and can't seem to just get lost in the crowded streets of the Royal City of the Empire..."
And let the game begin...

I couldn't help but add neutrality in there. I have a heart for it.

Best of luck!! Keep writing and keep it interesting!

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