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Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Own Company

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This article documents our experience in setting up a small Limited Liability Company in Delaware, and includes how-to advice for doing it yourself. Targeted towards independent game studios, but useful for anyone interested in starting their own company. Be aware that this article is no substitute for doing your own research. Laws and regulations vary by state, city, and county, so make sure to double check your specific situation before forming a company. If you are ever unclear about your situation, consulting a lawyer is typically a good idea. <Excerpt> Why Set Up a Company? By set up a company I mean filing the required legal paperwork in order to make the company a legal entity. Why should you do this you ask? Well gosh Joe-Game Developer, that is a great question! 1) To ensure proper distribution of credit and profit. If you do not set up an official and legal company, then whenever you do work with someone you are, typically, defaulted into a partnership. That means that no matter how little work they did, and how much spine crushing, bone shattering work you did, each person who worked on the project is entitled to an equal share of the profits. That is no good. Instead you should set up an official company with an operating agreement signed by all members. This way you can outline exactly how profits will be split. This is the way to go. </Excerpt> -Jesse [Edited by - JesseCF on July 20, 2009 5:28:14 PM]

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