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Lighting a view aligned billboard in HLSL.

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Hi, I have a randomly generate tree that I've made and I have billboarded leaves randomly placed on the tree. The problem I'm having is that I always rotated them towards the camera so when I go to light the model the lighting rotates weirdly. when you move around the leaves. To fix this for directional lighting I used something like: float3 diffuse = dot(light, float3(0, 1, 0)); This kind of works but now when I've added point light support to my shader it doesn't look so good anymore. this is because the point light is under the leaves thus they don't get shaded. The light could be above the leaves though and so I need some sort of dynamic normal generator biased on the point lights position. I figure there is a better way to doing all this then what i'm doing now. Any help will be great! -Toaster

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