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Good morning; It's raining outside, so I am stuck inside, and what a better time to study game script! I am just getting started with Auran Trainz 2009 scripting, and am looking for any advice for books/cd's/dvd's to help me with learning game script. There is a wiki on the TrainzDev site, and that's a good place to start, but I am looking for something better for learning game script in general. The syntax has me going crazy; Typing ( instead of { They both looked the same until I enlarged the text<g> My preferred method of study has always been online, whether from a CD/DVD or the web, but if a book is the best resource, I will accept that as well. Since the only other programming experience I have is (and not too much of it), I need something that is for the beginner. Thanks for your help FW

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