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OpenAL alGenBuffers() problem

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Ive wrapped up the openGL alGenBuffers() function into my own sound class and this is used to create a new buffer everytime i load a new sound. On the first run through it works fine, i can load as many sounds as i like and it fine, then ill delete all the sounds and try to load something else...the first one always fails but then all subsequent ones will work fine, again when i delete them it will happen again. it comes back with the error 40964. here is the function call im using, alGenBuffers(1, &m_Buffer); where m_Buffer is ALuint m_Buffer; anyone know what could be going wrong?? Edit ------------------------------------ Ok after abit of debugging, ive found out that when im calling alDeleteBuffers(1,&M_Buffer), some times its comming out with this error malloc: *** error for object 0xea7dc0: Non-aligned pointer being freed (2) which then seems to lead to the next set of buffers not been loaded correctly. thought this might help anyone in figuring out my problem [Edited by - Infinite_Daremo on July 21, 2009 2:44:24 PM]

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