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game engine selection

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I am new to game development. I would appreciate any feedback on selection of commercial or/not game engines that are more applicable to develping board games like chess. Same question for building sports games like football/soccer! Another related question is regarding use of AI. Do board and sports games make use of AI and are there AI engines that I should look into? Thanks for your feedback.

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assuming you want to use 2d for the chess game: no, sorry
asuuming you want to use a 3d engine for the sports game: yes, panda3d (
it uses panda3d to put your games together.
and it us used in 2 commercial MMO's.

for you question about AI's: it's really simple.
Every time: ask youself the question: if i where that person/player, do i need to make choises? If yes: you need an AI.
But this question is not a solid rule, but it works in most cases:
chess (should i move my pawn there, or should my queen go over there? -> choise!)
sports (should i pass the ball to the player on the right, or not ? -> choise!)


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