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ISOGen v1.0

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Hi all, a couple of weeks ago, i was almost done coding a project, when i realized i wanted to add some library to create an iso file. I've been stumbled to see that i was unable to find one on the net. So i decided to learn the .iso file format all of my own. Took some time to put all the pieces together but now here i am, with my working, lightweigh .iso generator dll. -Feature -Suport Joliet standard(Files and folders name can be up to 110 chars.) -Can add an entire directory and it's sub-folders content -Can add individual files to the root directory -Errors/warnings log(see c++ sample project to see how it work) -Can generate a windows message to show the build progress in a progress bar (see docs. or examples) -All written in c++ so it's very fast I included some documentation descripting all the available exported functions, plus the windows message you need to catch if you plan to use a progress bar to monitor the build progress. It also contain 2 zipped files that contain 2 projects, one in c++, console mode, the other in Delphi, with a progress bar. Both projects show how to load and use the dll in each language. PS: Any constructive comment/feedback/idea are welcome. [Edited by - Vortez on July 22, 2009 1:18:11 PM]

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