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Workflow trouble - Blender Export to AS3 to Papervision3D

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Hi all! Having some trouble figuring out what I'm doing wrong. Basically, I'm following some simple tutorials for creating an object (just a basic cube or sphere) in Blender, then texturing it, then exporting to AS3. Then I attempt to load the AS3 file into a Flash program using the Papervision3D framework. Main problem is, I am not very familiar with 3D modeling, and just want to try the workflow out for importing prepared models from Blender. When Flash loads the AS3, the texture mapping is only showing on every other triangle. Inside Blender, the sphere texture is whole. Why is this happening? I've searched the web endlessly it seems like and can spot nothing obviously wrong with the way I'm prepping the models for export, but I must be missing something!! Maybe I just don't know the proper terminology to perform a proper search for this issue.... Can anyone point to a resource that covers this type of workflow or maybe explain what they think is going on? Or perhaps explain a better, easier, and/or more reliable method of 3D model creation > export > flash workflow? Thanks!!

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