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Indices, Faces, Verts, and Questions

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I'm working on a model rendering tool using DirectX 9.0 and C#. I'm trying to render some models from a game. Now each model is split into Sections, and each Section can have Parts. Each Part can have it's own shader. So I read out all the Sections, and make a Mesh object with the verts, uvs, and normals. Now because each Part can have it's own shader, I need to specify Attributes to the mesh, so I can use the correct Texture with the correct section of the mesh. Now each part has a StartIndex, and Count into the Indice buffer, wich is formated for a TriangleStrip. So I know what indices make up what part. But the AttributeRange class only takes the index and count for verts, and faces. So my question is, how do I find out what verts each part relates to based on the indices it relates to? Or how can I specify Attributes for the Mesh using only the Indices?

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