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Scaling in GLSL

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You are rendering an image to the screen by rendering a full-screen quad?

You can scale the image by scaling the texture-coordinates which are being used to sample the texture.
However, texture coordinates are in the range 0-1, so simply multiplying them by a scale value will scale the image out from one corner.
If you want to scale from the center you could do:[code]texCoords = (texCoords - 0.5) * scale + (0.5 * scale);[code]

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Ok, scaling a 3d model, not an image then.

The outline-scaling effect is usually achieved by adding the (scaled) normal to the position. Also, when rendering the black version, you probably want to reverse the culling operation (so front-faces are culled and back-faces are visible).

In your vertex shader:
vec3 outputPosition = inputPosition + inputNormal * 42.0;

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