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Going from VS2003 to VS2008

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Hi, Got a C++ application with a few hundred thousand lines of code that's just been converted from VS2003 to VS2008. The executable size has jumped from 11.8MB to 17MB. It's grown over 5MB in size! I've turned off the "/GS (Buffer Security Check)" option and that trimmed 300K but I would really like to get the .EXE size down more. The reason is that the executable gets post processed after it's built in a shell of encryption. When running the program, before anything is executed, the decryption phase takes place. This is now taking far longer and our application is now taking too long to start. If it wasn't for this step, I wouldn't care at all about the extra 5+ MB. The application links dynamically to CRT and MFC so I'm thinking there might be some (new?) compiler switches I can flick to get the size down. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks, Pete

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