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Developing a Flash Game?

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Hey, I am looking into the possibility of developing a game with flash and was hoping that someone could answer some questions. How many simultaneous connections can you have on a flash game? I was thinking something like guild wars where there are public zones, then users run off into their own instances. Is this possible with flash. I have seen some multiplayer racing games but where does the limit end? I would just like to create an MMO which runs from the browser really.

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You might only need one connection: from the flash game to a server.
I am not sure what you mean by public zones and instances...

What do you mean by "where does the limit end?"

If you set the game up by simply connecting back to the server there are a couple of things that will influence the limits considerably:
1. Size of the flash game (download time)
2. Amount of network traffic (lag)
3. Server capabilities (more lag)

If you are serious about this and never have done this before start with a MO instead of an MMO. When it is running smoothly try to scale up. A lot depends on the amount of communication between server and clients and the speed at which the server can handle the data.

You might want to take a look at Flex and LCDS Flex might be useful (or not) depending on what you need; games have been written using it. LCDS could help you out with getting messages and data synchronized across servers and clients.

BTW: Blaze is a free version of LCDS but lacking a couple of features.

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