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[AI Game Engine Programmin -Brain's Book] Question About Using LBI in Ground Control

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Hi all, In "AI Game Engine Programming" Book in LBI (Location Based Information) Systems chapter in the Ground Control section (page 377). There's an algorithm used for quickly determine which player has control over which part of the game map in RTS Games. Algorithm Steps are: 1 - Zero out entire map 2 - Assign each grid square a value based on its team-specific control * i.e. a positive value for player A units and negative B for units 3 - Add up the values of the squares surrounding each square in the map scale by some amount and add that’s value to the square value 4 - Repeat this few times to disperse the influence out until you achieve a stable state 5 - Other steps.... My question is: What's meant by stable state in the 4th step? Thanks in advance :)

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