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Problem with D3DCOLOR_ARGB

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I am getting trouble when trying to find out the color of a particular pixel. I want to find out if it's NOT alpha. The check works with any 'color' aslong as it's not alpha. Any reason why it could be failing :S? Thanks.

	DWORD* traceBits = game->d3d->GetBits(trace);

        if(traceBits[currentPixel] != D3DCOLOR_ARGB(0,0,0,0)){
	    //Do stuff...

	HRESULT hResult = pTex->GetLevelDesc(0, &desc);
      return NULL;

	int width = desc.Width, 
		height = desc.Height, 
		size = width*height;
	DWORD* bits = new DWORD[size];  

	pTex->LockRect(0, &rect, 0, 0);
	memcpy(bits, rect.pBits, sizeof(DWORD)*size);

	return bits;

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D3DCOLOR_ARGB is a macro that resolves to ((D3DCOLOR)((((a)&0xff)<<24)|(((r)&0xff)<<16)|(((g)&0xff)<<8)|((b)&0xff))) (essentially an integer). For the given constant values you supply to that macro, you get an integer value of zero.

Your test is thus if traceBits[currentPixel] is not zero, which is every color except transparent (0 alpha) black.

If you want to test the alpha component only, you will have to mask that component off.

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Thanks I replaced the code with:

if(traceBits[currentPixel] != 0)
state += 1;
if(traceBits[currentPixel + 1] != 0)
state += 10;
if(traceBits[currentPixel + width] != 0)
state += 100;
if(traceBits[currentPixel + width + 1] != 0)
state += 1000;

Although it still doesn't work. I checked the value and it doesn't give 0, I think there must be something wrong with the alpha channel or one of the others..
How could I mask the alpha?

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