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Free to a good home: openGL/Windows tanks game

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Http://www.obsessionaudio.com/tanks.zip Worried people should delete the .exe files and recompile. This compiles under Microsoft Visual Studio and runs ok on XP and Vista. It won't port trivially to unix because I used openGL windows extensions to get text on the screen. There is nothing special about this code: it's a 1-4 person, 3D, FPS involving low-realism hovertanks in a desert. It wants a fast local network (wireless may or may not cut it) and a fast, decent video card. I don't write games for a living and this is not an introduction to modern game writing technique. People who do write games for a living will spot ways to improve the video performance (CPU performance, which is something I have to focus on in my day job, is already stellar). If you've been banging your head against openGL or openAL issues, this may give you things to steal. If you wonder what a simple AI looks like (the game comes with a robotic tank that lives to attack players), this contains an inelegant one which could be improved on. To run the server, run the .exe with no command line args. To run as a player, give a command line argument of ~1 ~2 ~3 or ~4. When the hibernation screen comes up, type a z to join a game. You'll find the command set by reading the code, but F1 toggles the "radar", arrow keys move you, page up/down angles the gun, space fires, i toggles the very expensive invulnerability and shift Q blows you the heck up. t teleports you to near your base, if you have the fuel (that works only twice, and robots can do it, too). Your base repairs you if you drive into it and wait. Don't try that with an enemy base. Don't run over the mines (denoted by their dark blue sensor fields). Don't shoot the flying saucers, they don't like it. If you do, you better shoot them twice. Avoid enemy bases, they will shoot at you and they have big guns. Leave the vase alone if you want to live. IF you hack the game to have 2 or more robotic tanks, you probably won't last long. The game engine resets when all players exit. Any questions, read the code. :-) No warranty, no copyright, no copyleft, do with it what you will, I absolutely don't care. Comments on the old-style C++ code are unwelcome; thanks, I already know about boost, STL, various math libraries, etc. Enjoy.

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