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FILE *mapfile doesn't work!!

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Violento    122
A while ago i started a project. I wanted to make the program in several files, like main.c, input.c, display.c etc.. (and the header-files). Before this i''ve just coded one file, and compile that one file. I got the files working together, but there''s a problem when i''m opening the map-files. I use the same load_map function that worked perfectly in my last project, so there should be nothing wrong with the function code. It gives me errors with these commands: FILE *mapfile; " Parse error before * " " Data definition has no type or storage class " and.. mapfile = fopen(filename,"rb+"); " Assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast " Both of those are in the load_map() function that i use loading the map. And the function is in file.c, that i use for all the file i/o-functions. It seems that it doesn''t somehow recognize the FILE. How can i define mapfile, that i could use it in the fopen()-function? Do i have to use some header-file or what?? I''m confused..

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