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Custom Sound Design Services Offered

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Hi guys. My name is Bryan Lee and I have always planned to get involved in sound design for game developers as I'm a bit of a game geek myself (major fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, F.E.A.R., Deus Ex 1 and 2, The Suffering). Before I get started, please understand that I'm not here just to spam the boards, but plan to stick around and get involved. I have been involved with sound design for software synthesizers as a professional since 2007 before recently launching my own independent site and also have 22 years as a hobbyist making sounds and sound effects for personal enjoyment. Currently, it's time for me to make my move and branch out. The following softsynth design companies can vouch for the quality of my work (google them and ask them personally if you like lol): Rop Papen, Camel Audio, FXpansion, NuSofting, U-he, Pro-Sounds, Leslie Sanford (designer of the Cobalt softsynth), Tone2, ReFX, Progress Audio, Humanoid Sound Systems and anyone else I left out. I am familiar with Epic Sound's tips and tricks page and the level of service I offer goes beyond that because I have a very large number of audio processing applications at my disposal, plus a HUGE collection of software synthesizers I've been privy to own as part of the package for working with softsynth devs. This allows me to create very unique sounds that would never be possible any other way and to truly give each client's project that special "signature" character. I am familiar with all sound synthesis methods: Sampling, Subtractive, FM, Additive, Convolution, Scanned Synthesis, Resynthesis, and exotic audio processing (you can send me a spoken audio clip and I can morph your voice into an alien, a robot, a creature, a demon, a ghost, or whatever, and a completely different method would be used for each client to give each audio project its own distict signature sound). Not satisfied with your results at making that alien artifact sound or background ambience? I would be able to help you. The link to my custom sound design page is here: http://xenossoundworks.com/6.html Like I said, the site is new, so I don't have much available on the other pages, but that is due to change quickly over time. The majority of my income is earned via projects with developers behind the scenes, so my focus is on those projects until the income from Xenos Soundworks suprasses that. Please keep in mind that I do NOT offer real world sounds. That market is quite saturated and honestly, I don't even LIKE doing real-world stuff. Keep your money and do that for free, or if you want to pay somebody for that, pay someone else :). My area of expertise is in exotic, one-of-a-kind sound programing for otherworldly sounds and foleys, made exactly to YOUR specifications and on-demand. As it pertains to game and film developers, the types of sounds I can make for you include, but is not limited to, the following: Audio Processing for voice actors (aliens, robots, ghosts, demons, etc) Exotic, alien machines or artifacts. Button sounds. Exotic computer sounds (think Star Trek and Star Wars) Spaceship sounds. Exotic weapons, bombs and lasers. Sci-fi vehicles. Exotic atmosphere, background ambience. Alien creatures. Additional audio processing for sound effects you already made on your own. Anything else you could possibly dream up :). Keep in mind that the sounds are custom made for each client and they own the intellectual property as part of the deal. I delete my work off my hard drive after the client is satisfied and the fee is paid. BTW, I also offer sound design work for musicians as well. Need a certain synth sound you heard on a hit album that you haven't been able to recreate, or any sort of exotic synth sound? I can help you, even if you don't own any software synthesizers. If you can import wav data into your hardware sampler, I can create a multisample for you. Musically, I specialize in dark and atmospheric pads, aggressive, angry basses and painful, screaming lead sounds....well, that's my favorite stuff to do, but many satisfied customers and dev clients can vouch for the fact that I do mainstream stuff well, too. If you have any questions, I can be emailed at info@xenossoundworks.com. Just to clear up anything in advance, I'm not a musician. I can program a synth and create sound effects right up there with the best of 'em, but I suck at making good tunes. [Edited by - Xenos on July 25, 2009 12:19:09 AM]

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Some links to audio demos of my work. Keep in mind that most of these are musician-oriented, so there isn't much in the way of sound effects.

The second bank down ("Xenos") Check out the "Zeus's Fart" sound at the end of the mp3 demo. All done by hand with the synth...no sampling/recording involved.

"Toxicity" expansion. Manuel Schleis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manuel_Schleis#Discography_.28selection.29) did the audio demo for that.

"Bryan Lee Signature" expansion. Again, Manuel Schleis did the demo. No way am I that good melodies, ok? I just did the sounds :).

This is where I got my start. Look for the following items there:

- "Tesseract" for Wusikstation. Everything you hear in the demos was made from samples I made completely from scratch.

- "Epiphany" for Discovery.

- "Phoenix" and "Pyromania" for Firebird.

- "Metamorphosis" for CS-80V

....you'll see what I mean about being good at sound making, but crap at music making lol :). I should also mention that the stuff at Pro-Sounds is old stuff and I've improved a lot since then. The Rob Papen stuff and QuadraSID expansion for ReFX are the most recent of what is listed here.

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