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RPGDX Summer Compo - August 2009

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On the 15-16 of august (the weekend after next) we're going to have a 48 hour RPG making contest. It starts from whatever time you wake up on Saturday to whatever time you go to bed at on Sunday. The theme of the contest is side scroller - as Verious put it: "There aren't enough side scrolling RPGs. ". You may use a premade engine, premade graphics and premade music - anything you have at hand from old placeholders to ripped spites. You may also opt to start from scratch. That's up to the individual entering. However, the rest of the game's content must be made during the contest's 48 hours - content meaning dialogue, level design, and so on. The contest will by judged on Ms. Congeniality terms - everyone who enters gets one vote and may vote for whoever they like, including themselves. The winner will receive a significant boost to their street credibility. These rules are not final, so free free to discuss them in this thread. The idea is to keep restrictions to a minimum - however, as the time limit's fairly short, it's recommended that you keep your ideas simple and aim to release something by Sunday night. Just to clarify a few questions that have been asked (and to preempt a few more): * You must design the actual game during the contest, but you may use premade graphical and music resources, and you can use a premade engine. * By premade engine, this can be any core program you've made yourself, or alternatively game making software of any kind, including Gamemaker, RPG Maker, OHRRPGCE, Multimedia Fusion, etc... * It doesn't matter what platform your game runs on. * You may work in teams! However, teams only get one vote, so you'll have to decide among yourselves who you want to vote for. That's it. Like I said above, feel free to disagree with any of this or ask for clarifications and we'll amend the rules. Also, if you want to discuss your projects during the contest you can drop in to our IRC channel at #indie-rpg on - an excellent way to socialize while making your entry. And feel free to spread the word on this one - the more people we get to join in, the more fun :-) Head over here -> RPGDX Summer Compo - August 2009

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