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What ?? Chunked LOD again ??!!

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Hi :) I'm currently trying to implement tulrich's chunked LOD paper ( but I'm having trouble implementing it the right way.... My main problem is in the chunk LOD selection based on distance, geometric error and "pixel size" part. The formula is quite easy to understand : error = (chunk_level_geometric_error / chunk_distance_to_camera) * pixel_size. Then to know if a chunk is good enough for rendering you compare it to an arbitrary max_error (2.5 in the paper). I think my problem is the chunk_level_geometric_error value. In the paper the values are 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1. 16 goes for the root node (lowest quality) and 1 goes for leaf nodes (highest quality). (Question : Why 16 ??) Now if chunk_distance_to_camera = 1.0 then when using the formula with each value of chunk_level_geometric_error I fail to get something near max_error. I'm sure I have misunderstood something in the process but I don't know what :'( Any idea ?? (Don't hesitate to explain lenghty, any little detail can help) Thank for any help and sorry for my english :)

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