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So ThaeChol

PNG file on the LG phone

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Hi Manager. Firstly my English is very poor. but I will understand your any messages. Excuse me, I ask you onething. Now I've made brew program. It doesn't display png in my program. There is my code in below. void user_call(IMemAStream *pMS, IImage*pImage, AEEImageInfo* info, int nErr) { IMEMASTREAM_Release( pMS ); IDisplay *m_pIDisplay = ((AEEApplet*)(GET_APP_INSTANCE()))->m_pIDisplay; IIMAGE_Draw(pImage, (240 - info->cx)/2, (290-info->cy)/2); IDISPLAY_Update(m_pIDisplay); } void LoadImageFromMemory(IImage **pImage, byte *data, uint16 size, int strm) { IMemAStream *pMS; IShell *pSh = ((AEEApplet*)(GET_APP_INSTANCE()))->m_pIShell; ISHELL_CreateInstance( pSh, AEECLSID_PNG, (void**)pImage ); if( pImage == NULL || *pImage == NULL) return; ISHELL_CreateInstance( pSh, AEECLSID_MEMASTREAM, (void**)&pMS ); if( pMS == NULL ) { IIMAGE_Release( *pImage ); return; } IMEMASTREAM_Set( pMS, (byte*)data, size, 0, 0 ); IHeap *heap; ISHELL_CreateInstance(pSh, AEECLSID_HEAP, (void**)&heap); if(IHEAP_CheckAvail(heap, 40*1024)) { IIMAGE_Notify(*pImage, (PFNIMAGEINFO)user_call,(void*)pMS); IIMAGE_SetStream( *pImage, (IAStream*)pMS ); } IHEAP_Release(heap); return; } My phone is LG kv755. Help me.

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