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DirectX Unknown Issue

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I have a little issue and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I have an application I am developing and I am using an SDK with some third party hardware. I use the SDK to playback video. I just pass the SDK a handle to the window and it does it all the drawing its self. I believe that it is using either direct draw or directx. It includes the driver d3dx9_24.dll, im not sure exactly what part of directx the dll includes. The problem is the application displays video fine when I only have one monitor enabled, but if I have 2 it is just blank. I was wondering if anyone could think of a solution to make it work with dual screen. The issue is I have no access to the drawing code at all. Basically im just wondering if there is some sort of display option or something I can set to get it to work. I know it probably needs to be changed in the code and I am trying to get that done but for the time being I figured maybe there would be a solution.

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